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Now that Scandal‘s Sally Langston has lost the presidential election, any intel on what will become of the former veep? –Dan
Good question – and one that might not be answered in full for a while. “I don’t know when I’ll be back,” Kate Burton told us at the #TGIF event. “It’ll probably be the second half of the season — that’s what they’ve told me — but [Shonda Rhimes] might change her mind and say, ‘No, we’re going to do something next season.’ Who knows.” But whenever the time comes, expect juicy stuff. Says Burton with a smile, “I mean, how can Sally Langston not be juicy?”

What’s the status of Mellie and Andrew’s relationship when Scandal returns? –bevoetteTONY GOLDWYN, BELLAMY YOUNG
It appears their red-hot affair has cooled off considerably, in the wake of the First Family losing a child. “Andrew is not at peace with where things stand with he and Mellie,” Jon Tenney says. “That being said, at the end of last season, Mellie and Fitz just lost their first child, and so I think romance may not be the first thing on her mind.” As Bellamy Young herself tells is, mourning Mellie “is in a whole new place, an uncharted, unprecedented wilderness for her.”