Season 4


422: You Can’t Take Command


421: A Few Good Women


420: First Lady Sings the Blues

419: I’m Just a Bill

418: Honor Thy Father

417: Put a Ring On It

416: It’s Good to Be Kink

415: The Testimony of Diego Munoz

414: The Lawn Chair

413: No More Blood:

412: Gladiators Don’t Run

411: Where’s the Black Lady?

410: Run

409: Where the Sun Don’t Shine

408: The Last Supper

407: Baby Made a Mess

406: An Innocent Man

405: The Key

404: Like Father, Like Daughter

403: Inside the Bubble

402: State of the Union

401: Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia

Season 3

318: The Price of Free and Fair Election

317: Flesh and Blood

316: The Fluffer

315: Mama Said Knock You Out

314: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

313: No Sun on the Horizon:

312: We Do Not Touch the First Ladies:

311: Ride, Sally, Ride

Scandal Returns 27Feb2014:

310: A Door Marked Exit:

309: YOLO

308: Vermont is for Lovers

307: Everything’s Coming Up Mellie

306: Icarus

305: More Cattle, Less Bull

304: Say Hello to My Little Friend

303: Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington

302: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

301: It’s Handled

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