Malina Cam EW Videos

Trailer Tour with Scott Foley Part 2 31Oct2013

Trailer Tour with Scott Foley Part 1 24Oct2013

Bus Ride Sing Along 17Oct2013

Hugs & Kisses 10Oct2013

Malina Cam Returns for Season 3 3Oct2013

Pop Culture Personality Test 16May2013

Behind the Scenes of the Cast/Crew Photo 25Apr2013

Behind the Scenes of the Entertainment Weekly Covershoot 4Apr2013

Inside the Hair and Makeup Trailer 15Mar2013

Celebrating Kerry’s Birthday 21Feb2013

Behind the Scenes at the NAACP Awards 7Feb2013

Masters of Disguise 1Feb2013

Scandal-ous Resolutions 10Jan2013

Who Shot Fitz? 6Dec2012

One-on-One with Bellamy Young 29Nov2012

Stage 12 Tour 15Nov2012

Scandal Game: Word Association 8Nov2012

Fun with Darby and Katie

Malina Cam Overview and Recap

Katie Lowes Trailer Tour 18Oct2012

Visiting Craft Service 5Oct2012

Scandal Cast Prepares for Press Junket