WetPaint: 3 Reasons Kerry Washington Should Win the Emmy This Year


1. She handles whatever Shonda Rhimes throws at her. The kind of acting Scandal requires is different than the subtle, realistic performances that most of Kerry’s competitors turned in, but it’s just as difficult. Kerry is constantly playing heightened emotions, often having to flip from anger to tears to brutal efficiency in the blink of the eye. Season 3 sometimes went totally over the top — even for a show that has always been pretty crazy — but Kerry never missed a beat.

2. Scandal deserves some love. Scandal is a rare beast on network TV these days: a bonafide hit that has everyone tuning in live because they don’t want to be a second behind on the latest buzz. Popularity alone isn’t a reason to reward a show, but Scandal is popular because it’s good. Is it realistic? No. It’s soapy, it’s over the top — but it’s those things on purpose. It’s confident, creative, and just plain entertaining in a way that few shows succeed at. Kerry Washington helps hold the whole thing together, so giving her the win would be the perfect way to award both her performance, and the show as a whole.

3. It’s time for some diversity. When Scandal started, Kerry Washington was the first African-American actress to have the lead in a network drama in almost 40 years. Last year, she because the first African-American actress to be nominated in this category in 18 years. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if she could win it, this time? Plus, this win would be a score for a different kind of diversity — it would be a rare drama win for a network show in this age of total cable dominitation. As fans of all kinds of TV, not just the “prestigious” shows, we think that would be nice to see.