THR Article: Emmy Nomination Reactions (Kerry Washington, Joe Morton)


Kerry Washington, lead actress in a drama nominee for Scandal: Washington was decidedly low-key after collecting her second lead actress nomination for playing political fixer Olivia Pope. She was sleeping when the nominations were revealed but noticed all the activity on her cell phone — which she typically turns off every night. “I don’t expect these things in life but when they happen, it’s such a blessing. But the real blessing is that I get to do what I love to do with people I love to do it with,” she said. The third-year drama nabbed three noms — including for guest stars Kate Burton and Joe Morton — recognition that Washington said was “so deserved.” “That word is always funny to me; if everybody who deserved an Emmy nomination got one, then our whole Scandal family would be flooded with them,” she said, singling out all of the show’s departments. As for season four of the Shonda Rhimes-Betsy Beers drama, Washington remains in the dark. “I know there’s a script but we haven’t seen it, so I have no idea if that plane is going to Paris or Turks and Caicos or Pakistan!” she said. Also noting Bellamy Young’s Critics’ Choice win, “We don’t go back until next week and I was excited already, but now there’s so much to celebrate.”


Joe Morton, guest actor in a drama nominee for Scandal: “I was working out this morning while watching CNN when they announced that the Emmy nomination announcements were over. Since my phone hadn’t rung, I assumed I hadn’t been nominated,” he told THR. “No sooner did I think that, my phone rang and it was my publicist calling with the good news. … So I was brought up after the letdown. The cliche is real: It’s a great feeling to be nominated by your peers. Of course, I’m very happy for my Scandal mates, Kerry and Kate, and also for my good friend [and fellow category nominee] Reg E. Cathey.”