Washington Post: 3 Questions with ‘Scandal’s’ Joe Morton

Watch the video HERE.

1. What’s your favorite DC-based TV show and movie?

‘Scanda’l I would suppose is my favorite Washington-based television show. Probably after that might be ‘House of Cards.’ Lincoln I loved a lot. Argo I loved a lot.

2. Which celebrity should run for public office?

No one. Politics is a very different game, if you will, to play than playing at the game because you’re an actor. And I do think that sometimes the egoism of Hollywood actors sort of makes them believe that they have this other political career, which I think is just crazy.

3. Which politician should try acting?

The easy answer is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was in politics and he was an actor. I think there are a number of political personalities who have charisma. Whether they can act or not …? Cause there’s a difference between being political and telling a lie and pretending you’re somebody else, that being the lie. So I don’t know … it would be interesting to see who in Washington could put a character together other than their own.