HelloGiggles: The Cover-Up: 15 Times ‘Scandal’ Tried To Get Clever With Hiding Kerry Washington’s Baby Bump

1. When Liv was unable to deal with the truth about Daniel Douglas’ death


Usually Liv is running around — and talking — at 100 miles an hour but someone must’ve warned her she was in for some heavy news because in the first scene we see The Fixer, she’s conveniently sitting down, crouched over with her arms covering herself.  Glaidators Abby and Huck are standing during the pow wow where Olivia finally finds out that Vice President Sally Langston killed her husband, but nosey lawyer David Rosen is sitting…because balance.

2. When the opening credits rolled  


Hey, this cover up is a team effort! After Oliva found out the Veep murked her husband and it happened after Cyrus pimped out his husband,  she jumped off the couch….right as the credits rolled over the bottom view of her busy print dress. Meanwhile, Kerry delivered her lines with wild hand movements over her middle region.

3. When Liv confronted Cyrus in this oversized coat 


I’ve started to question Oliva’s judgement after the never ending back and forth with Fitz (girl, give it up with Vermont!) and  now I’m questioning her fashion choices. What happened to the fly white coats? Is that a hand me down that Mama Pope left when she fled the country? Oh right: black is supposed to be slimming.

4. When the thought of the White House staff being murderers was so hilarious  


When it dawned on Liv that Cyrus, Fitz and Sally have all be involved in murders she broke out into a maniacal laughter that apparently required having another seat.

5. When Liv photobombed the White House furnishings  


Props! Plus more wild hand movements and that oversized coat that never came off. The conversation with Cyrus pulled out all the stops.

6. When Abby handed over “all the research” on the Daniel Douglass case


No time for the wall that Abby usually uses to lay out all case evidence, the Daniel Douglas research came in one little neat black folder that Abby presented squarely in front of Liv midsection…as she was sitting down, again.

7. When Liv was over it and turned her back on Abby 


“So that’s it? What about David?” Abby asked when she realizes her lawyer boyfriend knows too much about Daniel’s murder and James blowing the whistle on it. “So we’re not stopping him or helping him?”

“No.” Olivia responded with a supreme side eye as she got up and quickly turned around to lock up the file for safe keeping. “I’m not getting involved Abby, not this time,” Liv added before rushing out the room.  What baby bump?

8. When Olivia came over to Jake’s house bearing gifts 


Wine. Check. Giant grocery bag that Liv lifts up to show Jake she’s got dinner. Check. Successful eclipse of the belly? Check.

9. When Olivia took her fashion cues from the Olsen twins 


Oversized sweaters, multiple scarfs and busy print — oh my!  It must have been laundry day for Liv because she threw on, well, this for her visit to Jake’s house. But considering the man’s all the way in the friend zone this random assortment of layers actually works.  This isn’t Fitz we’re talking; no incentive to get sexy.

9. When Jake kept trying to block Liv from being with Fitz (again)…


…and ended up blocking our view of her.

It just me, or did you feel nosey when Jake breathlessly asked Olivia to run away with him, since we were left to take in the conversation while looking over his shoulder nearly the whole time? The close-up  has been a classic tactic that has been used for Kerry throughout the season. Shoulder region and up!

(Side note: that’s totally grape juice she’s chugging)

10. When Jake went for it, pelvis first 


Jake dives in to “take advantage” of Olivia, at her request, and he pounces on her so quickly with a pelvic thrust and neck grab that by the time you really see Oliva’s full body it’s welded into his. Extra points for Kerry throwing her arm out to the side before their bodies meet, and one more time for that chunky sweater that helped keep everything hidden.

11. When Olivia made a cameo in Sally’s “Snapped” episode 


Nobody had time for Sally’s conviction to confess her sins…especially not Olivia who doesn’t want to be involved in this mess in the first place.  Liv begrudgingly agreed to visit the Vice President to try to help talk her out of telling the nation she murdered her husband, but that doesn’t mean The Fixer had to like it. Enter the sassy arm cross with an oversized Prada bag placed like so over another busy print.  Note to audience: eyes on Sally’s blurry head or Olivia’s “girl bye” facial expressions, please.

12. When Oliva went to her corner to call Fitz 


Are you there Liv? It was hard to tell as she sat in the dark with chairs, lamps and a table taking up most of the camera shot. We went from watching Liv way in the back of the room to being all up in her face with a close up as she finished telling Fitz that Sally’s a murder and Cyrus and Mellie helped cover it up. With the focus on Kerry’s head at the end of the scene, her lips took center stage once more as Olivia asked her POTUS boo to throw the debate.  Score!

13. When Olivia decided that, no, she will not have a Beyonce moment with Jake


Have Olivia and Jake been bumping Beyonce?  There was  so much talk about “standing in the sun” when the new Command dropped by to have “a talk” it’s hard to tell.  Olivia just wants to step into the light and leave the drama behind her, so she was unable to deal when Jake tried to start a real conversation about the White House dirt she knows and then their (nonexistent) future as a romantic couple. When he tries to get all heavy on her, what time is it? You guessed it: time to have another seat, and she brought a bottle of grape juice wine with her (strategically placed every step of the way, of course). Because being a fake girlfriend is exhausting. 

15. When Olivia was concerned about the great debate 


Olivia was worried that Vice President Langston might confess her murder and implicate Cyrus during the Presidential debate, but while Cy is holding his breath to see what happens, our Gladiator Queen carried that oversized Prada again — with her arms crossed and a black shirt on for extra belly camouflaging.

15. When Olivia and Fitz had their obligatory fight/make out moment 


We know it’s coming every episode: they argue and just as Olivia seems like she might be done with it all, Fitz grabs her up for a kiss and then they breathlessly make up.  This time the squabble happened behind a giant chair and instead of Liv’s clothes being ripped off, we saw the taboo lovebirds playing kissy face through a White House window.

Does anyone wish they’d just write Kerry’s pregnancy into the season and call it a day?

Of course there was plenty of other action during the episode outside of the production team’s efforts to make us forget that Kerry’s expecting (how about that shocker in the last 30 seconds!?). Tell us your favorite part of this week’s drama in the comment section!