Vanity Fair Social Club: “In Conversation with Tony Goldwyn,” 19Sep15



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Tony Goldwyn looks amazing at 55. Advice from his father and his father before – "It's a survivors game. It's something i knew. It's not about grabbing the brass ring or being on the cover of a magazine or being in a movie. It's a continuum. It's about creating longevity in a body of work. The Illusion is show biz- Someone hot all the time. Not reality….try to impart that to people with less experience….All I try to do I make my work better. Hopefully it's an Upward arc. At 18 you think the show biz family would help n doors would fly open…my brother in law was a brilliant jazz musician and he went through same thing and I had no idea if my dreams would come true…. If I commit 100 percent to my passion and I make a commitment to do that and if it doesn't work out and something else doesn't reveal itself, well I don't want to be at place at 40 where its maybe I could have. You don't want to be that guy." – @tonygoldwyn #wordstoliveby #wordsofwisdom #LA #NeverLeaveLA #losangeles #entertainment #followyourdreams #scandal #ghost #TonyGoldwyn #Hollywood #SamuelGoldwyn #MGM #thatstartledlook @wework #Wework #VanityFair @brooksbrothers #mybrooksbrothers #VFSC

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