About those #Spoiler Photos: A Note from ScandalFix


As some of you may have realized, we unintentionally posted photos that were a spoiler for upcoming episodes of Scandal. We were not the original source of these photos and we did not realize at the time that the photos would be a major spoiler of any kind as they were released prior to Thursday’s episode.

We value the Scandal cast and crew very much here at ScandalFix and would never want to take anything away from the hard work they do to provide the fans with our weekly entertainment.

Unfortunately, news outlets have picked up our site as the source for these pictures. The photos have been removed from our site for the time being and will be reposted after the episodes air.

No one from ABC has asked us to do this, but we pride ourselves at ScandalFix on only posting legitimate information and approved press, and have taken action so that hopefully more fans are not affected by this spoiler.

If you have seen the photos or have saved the photos from our site, we kindly ask that you please do not spread the information further as we hope that the majority of the fans can be surprised about the upcoming story lines in the way that the Scandal writers intended.

Thank you,