#ScandalFashion: Lyn Paolo discusses Olivia’s outfit from 410 “Run”

“We had her in black on purpose,” Paolo told InStyle.com of Pope’s Rag & Bone silk shell, La Perla silk pants, and The Row oversized cardigan. “Something bad was going to happen and we used her wardrobe as a precursor to that.”

Because she wears this particular outfit throughout the whole episode, from her apartment to a dank dungeon cell, Paolo admits that they bought and destroyed five cardigans from The Row in order to follow the storyline accurately. “Kerry teased me about it because I couldn’t believe we were cutting up that many expensive cardi’s,” Paolo explained. “But there was the pre-wine spill cardi, then the wine spill cardi, then the pre-cell cardi, so on and so forth. It really held up throughout all the stages of her captivity.”