THR: ‘Scandal’: Where Are the Gladiators in Suits?

Could Jake join OPA? Plus scoop on the midseason return.

by Lesley Goldberg (@Snoodit)



Scandal S04E09 Still - H 2015









Darby says:

“Do you realize there actually are no Gladiators in Suits? It’s a couple of B6-13 freaks helping out Olivia, that’s what’s happening in that conference room!” Stanchfield tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I was on the show the other day and people, no one is in a suit! There’s no straight skirts or heels! You guys are B6-13 in your combat boots and leather jackets, throwing ‘tude around and Olivia is the only one in her white suit.”


“In the next four episodes, Abby has a couple of Gladiator moments that are a throwback to her OPA days,” Stanchfield says. “It was fantastic to do and I think the fans will get a kick out of it. There was one scene I was shooting where I had to go into someone’s residence and I turned to the writer and director and asked, ‘Am I picking the lock or do I have a key?!’ That says it all.”


“[The second half of season four] feels like we’re starting a new wave,” she notes, declining to say if the story would bring Abby — and her suits! — back to OPA. “I have a theory that eventually there will be Gladiators in Suits again!”


Katie Says: 

“Maybe we have dress-up Friday!” she jokes. “OPA is literally Olivia, Huck and Quinn — OQH! — and I think we’ve done a pretty good job of holding down the fort. But yes, we could use help. Quinn is a Gladiator in a leather jacket, as is Huck. Is Jake a Gladiator? No. We’ve lost Abby to the White House. Harrison is dead. Olivia is missing, but she normally holds down the whole suit thing.”

Scott Says: 

“My initial answer would be no just because there’s another B613 agent there in Huck — and obviously now Quinn,” he says. “If I think about it a bit more, I think it could work because they all have different skill sets. Huck is more the tech guy. Jake brings a different element to that equation. So it’s possible. I know they talked about having Jake in the White House as well. I don’t know if I see that right now but I’m not Shonda Rhimes!”