EW: #TGIT: 7 stars who rule ShondaLand


By: Justin Kirkland ()

5. Bellamy Young (Kathy, Kathy, and Mellie Grant)

Bellamy Young kind of breaks the rules because she was Kathy in the Grey’s Anatomyand Private Practice crossover episode—but it’s okay because Mellie Grant is too fantastic to leave off any list. As Kathy, Young played a woman whose husband couldn’t seem to find his mojo in the bedroom only to find out that an inoperable tumor on his kidney was keeping him from making the mark. On Scandal, she plays the wife of a man who can’t seem to control his bedroom urges—in the Oval Office or otherwise. Kathy was a one-time gig in the season three finale of Grey’s and backdoor pilot of Private Practice, but can watch her in all her forms of first lady Mellie Grant on Scandal.

4. Katie Lowes (Blood Donor, Kendra Walker, Quinn Perkins)

If you blinked twice, you probably missed Lowes on Grey’s Anatomy, but her role was pivotal. As a blood donor amid a plane crash who can’t remember when her last period was, her own forgetfulness makes Cristina realize she might be pregnant herself. OnPrivate Practice, Lowes played Kendra Walker, the mother of a baby who suffocated after being left in a car. And then of course, on Scandal, she currently plays Quinn Perkins—the girl whose boyfriends either die or try to kill her. Oy, Quinn.

3. Joshua Malina (Seth Hammer, Jason, David Rosen)

Joshua Malina in Grey

On Grey’s Anatomy, Malina played the husband of a hypochondriac whose “stomach cancer” was actually a condition caused by taking antibiotics not prescribed to her. OnPrivate Practice, he played the father of a young girl with a prognosis of only six to 12 months to live. Unfortunately, on Scandal Malina’s road doesn’t get any easier as U.S. Attorney General David Rosen. It’s his best gig yet, but David too often gets wrapped up in the less-than-legal dealings of Olivia Pope—keeping him from the happily ever after that always seems to escape his characters.

2. George Newbern (Stan Mercer, Dr. Brian Reynolds, Charlie)

Poor George Newbern never gets to play the good guy. In the world of Grey’s Anatomy, he was Stan Mercer, the broken link in the domino kidney transplant that Dr. Bailey was planning. The random donor completing that chain of seven transplants wasn’t so random after all—it was Stan’s mistress. Yikes. On Private Practice, he played Dr. Brian Reynolds, who agreed with his patient when she decided to withhold any more chemotherapy. Double yikes. And then on Scandal, he plays Charlie—the B613 member who might have killed more people on the show than anyone else. But I’m sure George Newbern is a nice guy in real life. Hopefully?

1. Liza Weil (Allison Clark, Andi, Amanda Tanner, Bonnie Winterbottom)

Liza Weil in HTGAWM, Private Practice, Grey

How to Get Away With Murder should have been called How to Get Away With Casting Liza Weil 4 Times, because she is the understated queen of ShondaLand. She played Allison Clark on Grey’s Anatomy back in season 5—until she died of lung cancer. OnPrivate Practice, she played a woman with a multiple-personality disorder, and onScandal, she played Amanda Tanner—the young White House staffer who became the Monica Lewinsky case gone wrong. After too much talking, Amanda was killed and thrown in the Potomac. But as of now, Weil is alive (definitely) and well (maybe?) onHow to Get Away With Murder as Bonnie Winterbottom, an associate attorney at Annalise Keating’s firm. Here’s hoping that Liza continues to rule ShondaLand for years to come. Long live Bonnie!