TVLine Lists Tony Goldwyn as Honorable Mention for Performer of the Week!


HONORABLE MENTION | Regardless of your politics, Scandal’s Tony Goldwyn clinched your vote as President Grant went off-script during theState of the Union to lay bare the First Family’s heartache. Prompted by Olivia to “be honest” with the country, Fitz spoke of the “unspeakable” tragedy that Mellie and he are still grieving, one that “no parent… should ever have to experience.” Throughout this detour, Goldwyn showed a pained man, not just president, searching for words to possibly illustrate the inexplainable. And with the look he gave as Fitz acknowledged his “amazingly strong wife,” we saw that, no matter what marital muck these two have trudged through, Fitz wept for his tormented wife. Goldwyn then moved us to recall real-world school shootings as Fitz argued, “The right to bear arms seems indisputable.. until the shooter comes,” and a person is left “watching the light go out of [a child’s] eyes. That is when the debate is over.”