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(Photo : Facebook/Scandal) “Scandal” season 4 episode 2 spoilers are here thanks to cast member Katie Lowes who teased that the series is only going to get even more “twisty” with time more so with fan favorite, demented gladiator duo, Huckleberry Quinn.


As we anxiously await for the premiere of “Scandal” season 4 episode 2, we were treated to some spoilers thanks to cast member Katie Lowes who teased that the series is only going to get even more “twisty” with time. More specifically, she is referring to fan favorite, demented gladiator duo, Huckleberry Quinn.

According to E! News, the actress revealed that she has already filmed some of the “most interesting” scenes she’s ever done for the show in season 4 so far and they’re only five episodes into shooting.

Now that Huck (Giullermo Diaz) and Quinn (Katie Lowes), are back on the same team, celebrations shouldn’t start just yet seeing as Olivia Pope and Associates are still not a complete team.  Lowes said, “I mean the Gladiators still don’t 100 percent exist.”

She explained, “Abby’s in the White House, Olivia’s back, we see Huck and Quinn pass her a phone, like, ‘You’re back, you’re tapped in.’ But it’s going to be herky-jerky. No one is on great terms with each other. You’ll see what her exit has done to the team.”

Despite the rough times the gladiators have been through, fans can definitely look forward to Huckleberry Quinn time.

The actress said, “I think he’s everything to her. He’s her mentor. He was her lover for a hot second. I think he’s the only person in the world who truly understands who she is and I think she’s the only one who understands who he is.”

Katie Lowes continued, “It’s really tumultuous. Huckleberry Quinn is in full effect this season thus far. I’m only on episode five, but it’s definitely twisty and turvy so far.”

The couple will also be getting down and dirty in ways that would make season 3 shudder. The ABC star said, “I can say that yes, there have already been things that top last season.”

She added, “I can’t say if they are of sexual nature or not, but there are definitely Huckleberry Quinn scenes coming up that have been some of the most interesting things I’ve ever had to do.”
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