Kerry Washington Talks About Designing Her First Collection for The Limited

The range got the fictional fixer’s personal style down to a T. From the long leather gloves to the plaid cape (the designers’ favorite piece), the collection really captures Pope’s style. But the line deviates from Pope’s signatures in some respects. The character, for example, rarely wears dresses, but Paolo and Washington really wanted to think of the fans in this one. “We struggled with it, we thought, ‘Should it be all pants?’ Kerry and I decided that a lot of our Gladiators [ed note: ‘Scandal’ fans] were skirt girls, so we decided to throw some dresses in there,” Paolo said.

Washington, Paolo and Staples worked together to conceive the line, though it was Kerry’s first time designing – and it’s clear that she’s taken quite an interest in it. “I learned that the part of my brain that’s really concerned with detail and super Type A – that’s a good thing when it comes to designing clothes,” she said.

This won’t be the last we see of Washington in the designer’s seat. The Limited is putting out “Scandal” collections for Holiday and Spring, so there will be plenty more opportunities for her to exercise that muscle.

But beyond that? Perhaps a line by K-Dub (a college nickname) herself? It’s a possibility. After finishing up her collection with the Limited, the Allstate Foundation asked her to design this year’s Purple Purse to raise awareness around domestic violence. “That was really thrilling for me,” she said. “I was like, oh, ok this is fun – what would it be like to do something on my own? We’ll see. I’ve definitely been bitten by the bug.”