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Kerry Washington Talks Domestic Violence, Motherhood

“I can tell you (that) you will find out where that plane is going,” Washington teased at last month’s Emmy Awards. ” And I can tell you there’s going to be a lot of (actress Darby Stanchfield’s character) Abby this season. I’ve heard it’s been called, ‘The Year of Abby.'”

One of Olivia’s so-called “gladiators,” Abby is a victim of domestic violence.

“Darby Stanchfield and I, as actors, talk a lot about, ‘What was that like when Olivia stepped in and took a tire iron to some guy’s knee to save her girlfriend?'” Washington noted. “‘What were the stakes that would make her do something like that?'”

That “Scandal” storyline has resonated with many viewers, Washington said. “Women watch that (Abby’s story) and say to Darby when they see her in public, ‘I’m so glad to know that you guys aren’t shying away from that issue.'”