Zap2It: Papa Pope aka Joe Morton’s guilty TV pleasure!



Zap2it got a chance to catch up with Papa Pope himself, Emmy-winning actor Joe Morton at the 66th Emmy Awards and while he was tight lipped about what Olivia’s father is up to in “Scandal” Season 4, the actor did open up about his surprising TV guilty pleasure.

When asked Morton says, “Two things, CNN and during the season, tennis. I’m a singles guy. What happened to me many, many years ago was I started watching tennis in London. I realized when you are watching a game of singles, it’s a lot like doing a scene. Somebody serves up a point and then you go back and forth until you win the game, that’s what made me a fan.” His enthusiasm is enough to make anyone want to tune in.

“Scandal” returns at Sept. 25 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.