Scandal’s Bellamy Young on President Mellie, Mom Mellie & Drunk Mellie


We love Scandal, so we’re thrilled that the third season is about to kick off on Sky Living! And since one of our favorite characters is First Lady Mellie, we couldn’t wait to speak to the actress behind her, Bellamy Young.

And she didn’t disappoint, either: watch our video to find out why she thinks Mellie would be a great president, what drunk Mellie is like and why we might be surprised by Mellie’s mothering skills…

It certainly seems like Drunk Mellie will be everything we’ve been hoping for, as Bellamy told us: “Once Mellie started hitting the hooch and the pearls sort of came off and it all got a little looser, it was a whole different thing.” We can’t wait.

Bellamy also told us that she lives vicariously through Mellie (“Instead of, as I would do, saying it all into my steering wheel on the drive home, Mellie says it all right to the person eloquently, and eviscerates them”) and teased just how “terrifying” it is when Mellie and Cyrus team up.

And as for why she’s still with Fitz? “You can’t sustain that amount of fury for someone to whom you are indifferent,” she said.