Dan Bucatinsky: ‘Scandal’ Cast Still In Touch With Columbus Short – We’re ‘Family


Dan Bucatinsky

Dan Bucatinsky is no longer on “Scandal” after his character, James Novak, was murdered, but the actor is still in touch with his former co-stars, including former gladiator Columbus Short.

“The cast is incredibly close. I’m no longer on the show, and neither is he, but we’re all still incredibly close,” Dan – whose TLC genealogy show, “Who Do You Think You Are?” hits TLC with its Season 5 premiere on Wednesday – told Access Hollywood Live’s Billy Bush and Kit Hoover. “Everyone reaches out. There are texts that go back and forth.”

In light of Columbus’ recent off-screen woes (and exit from the Shonda Rimes-created drama), is Dan concerned for his former co-star?

“Everybody cares about each other on that show – it’s like a family,” he said. “So, like in any family, you reach out and you hope that people find their way, spend time with their family when they need to.”

Dan also chimed in on his Season 4 hopes for his former on-screen husband Jeff Perry (Cyrus Beene), saying he wants to see “Scandal’s” White House Chief of Staff stay single for at least one season out of respect for his marriage to James.

“He better be lonely for a good long season!” Dan laughed. “The way TV works, he’ll probably [find a rebound] in episode 2 though!”

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