Gold Derby: ‘Scandal’ star Joe Morton: ‘I am the Hell and High Water’ of the Emmys!

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When we chatted via Twitter with “Scandal” star Joe Morton (Emmy nominee for Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series), he proved his fearlessness by quoting one of the battle cries he utters as Rowan Pope, the diabolical father of Kerry Washington. That’s good — he’s locked in a tight clash. While Gold Derby Editors pick him to win, our Experts and Users on betting on a star of “Masters of Sex.”

@GOLDDERBY: Hi Joe, u ready to dish Emmys with us?


@GOLDDERBY: Good news: Our Editors pick you to win. Bad news: Our Users and Experts pick Beau Bridges. Don’t worry: U can take him down!

@JOEtheMORTON: I am the HellAndHighWater, after all

@GOLDDERBY: If Rowan Pope was actually nominated for an Emmy instead of u, how would he eliminate rivals? Assassination?

@JOEtheMORTON: PoliticsFirst. ThenAssinations

@GOLDDERBY: What’s the most dastardly thing Rowan has EVER done on “Scandal”

@JOEtheMORTON: Kill the President’s son

@GOLDDERBY: Good omen – Villainous roles have won your category: Michael Emerson (“The Practice,” 2001) & John Lithgow (“Dexter,” 2010).

@JOEtheMORTON: Villains are usually more fun for both actors & audience

@GOLDDERBY: Another good omen: A @Scandal_ABC star won this race just last year: @danbucatinsky –wasn’t that great?

@JOEtheMORTON: Absolutely.Going4 2

@GOLDDERBY: Why did you pick ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner’ as your episode to be evaluated by Emmy judges?

@JOEtheMORTON: It had a complete character/story arc for Rowan. (Plus, other eps were submitted by ABC & Kate & Kerry.)

@GOLDDERBY: Will you go to the Emmy Creative Arts show with an acceptance speech – just in case? Or will you just wing it if you win?

@JOEtheMORTON: I always have something up my sleeve, but we’ll see what comes out of my mouth…

@GOLDDERBY: What will you and Kerry Washington do after Emmys to celebrate if you BOTH win? @kerrywashington

@JOEtheMORTON: GoHome&Relax!!!

@GOLDDERBY: Do you open every script of Scandal wondering if this is the episode where they will kill you off?

@JOEtheMORTON: Not yet … unless I follow @danbucatinsky’s fate.

@GOLDDERBY: What’s the secret to Scandal’s staggering popularity?

@JOEtheMORTON: That’s easy: @shondarhimes

@GOLDDERBY: Thanks for chatting with us, Joe! Good luck at the Emmys!

@JOEtheMORTON: Thanks. Now get your users on board with your editors 😉