Variety Article: ‘Scandal’s’ Dan Bucatinsky Talks Emmys, LGBT Community at Outfest Film Festival

Dan Bucatinsky Outfest Scandal Emmys

Angela Weiss/Getty Images
JULY 11, 2014 | 01:31PM PT

“Scandal’s” Dan Bucatinsky stopped by the opening night of L.A.’s Outfest Film Festival to show support to the LGBT community and to talk Emmys and his life after “Scandal.”

Bucatinsky won the Emmy last year for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for “Scandal,” but this year the Academy did not recognize the actor for his role as James Novak.

“I was snubbed,” he laughed. But the actor did give his congrats to former castmates Joe Morton, Kate Burton and Kerry Washington.

“’Scandal’ is something that was one of the most important career moves of my life and it was incredible. The cast will always be family to me,” he told Variety.

But life after “Scandal” looks promising for Bucatinsky, whose TLC show with writing partner Lisa Kudrow “Who Do You Think You Are?” received an Emmy nod yesterday.

Bucatinsky opened the gala last night at the Orpheum Theatre by saying: “After being shot in the back and gutted on national television, I thought to myself ‘What can I do to make it feel better?’ There were really only 2 things I could do.”

One, was to become a board member for Outfest and the second was to get together with Michael Patrick King and Kudrow to bring back HBO’s “The Comeback,” which is set to premiere in November.

For Bucatinsky, becoming a board member for Outfest was something very meaningful to him.

“It’s important for the community at large to see how galvanized we are as a community, to see the straight alliances to the gay community and to see the representations of ourselves growing and getting more and more complicated all the time.”

He said playing gay characters on “Scandal” and on his upcoming NBC series “Marry Me” is no longer about being gay. “It’s about complicated characters that just happens to be gay. That’s going to be the new face of storytelling, the ‘just happened to be story’ which is something I’ve pushed for my whole career.”

Outfest’s opening night gala presented Susanna Fogel and Joni Lefkowitz’ first feature film “Life Partners,” starring Leighton Meester, Gillian Jacobs and Adam Brody.

The comedy follows two best friends — one gay, one straight — and what happens when a man comes in between them.

“Joni is gay and I’m straight and we’ve always had this friendship that transcended our sexual orientations,” said Fogel. “We felt like in everything we’ve ever written there have been LGBT themes without emphasizing it in a political way. It’s really about connecting in universality.”

Also at the event, James Schamus was presented with the Outfest Achievement Award. Schamus, formerly CEO of Focus Features, produced “Brokeback Mountain” and has financed “Dallas Buyers Club,” “Milk” and “The Kids Are All Right.”

Gary Oldman presented him with the award, which Schamus accepted by saying, “Gary is a guy, as we all know, has sometimes been known to have a very large mouth, but his heart is much bigger.”

After the event, guests partied in a back lot set up like a summer BBQ complete with beach balls, cornhole games, palm trees and a makeshift beach.

Outfest will run from July 10-20.