Gladiator Q&A with …. @tvTaylor_

Name, age, location: Taylor, 27, TEXAS

Twitter Handle: tvTaylor_

Gladiator Since: February 2013

Favorite Scandal Episode: 106

Favorite Scandal Character: Quinn Perkins

Favorite Scandal Recurring Character: Billy Chambers

Favorite Scandal Outfit: No specific, but love all of casual Liv in 106 and 208.

Favorite Scandal Set: Olivia’s apartment

Favorite Scandal Prop: Bobblehead of course!

Favorite Scandal Quote: “Normal is overrated.”

I became a gladiator when: I saw Olitz for the first time. My mother in law was flipping channels and stopped on Scandal (203 treegate scene) My jaw hit the floor. I re-watched multiple times, then started the series from the beginning. And I’ve haven’t stopped since!

Favorite part of the fandom: Meeting lifelong friends.

Where do you watch & with who? In my living room. On the phone with a few Gladiators.

If you were a color you would be: GREEN

If you were a food you would be: Sushi!

If you were a animal you would be: Dolphin

Favorite Quote (non-Scandal): What you feel only matters to you. It’s what you do to the people you love. That’s what matters. That’s the only thing.” (The Last Kiss)

Favorite Snack: COOKIES

Favorite Candy: KitKat

Favorite Book: The Time Travelers Wife

Favorite Movie: Hope Floats

Favorite thing to do with a free Saturday: Staying in! Coffee. Pancakes. Spending time with the fam.

What do you never leave at home? My phone, a bottle of water and Chapstick

What is your biggest vice? Other than my Scandal obsession.. I’m a total caffeine addict. Can’t go without.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Learning how to say No.

Describe your personality in three words: Compassionate, complicated & completely scatterbrained.

Do you have any Scandal hiatus TV show recommendations? Orphan Black and OITNB! Also rewatch One Tree Hill and Parenthood.