InStyle: Here’s Why Kerry Washington’s Skin Is So Positively Radiant

Here’s Why Kerry Washington’s Skin Is So Positively Radiant

By Kahlana Barfield


Emmy nod. New mom. Neutrogena’s radiant spokeswoman. At 37, Scandal star Kerry Washington has quite the résumé. So what keeps her glowing? For InStyle’s July issue, the actress revealed her best beauty secrets, along with the six products she can’t live without. Think vitamin-packed smoothies and on-target skin care. Read on for our exclusive interview.

Let’s talk skin—don’t tell me you use just soap and water. 
I actually had terrible eczema growing up and had to learn how to manage it. I work with a nutritionist because, to me, beauty is an inside-out thing. I take fish-oil pills, drink lots of water, and try not to eat dairy. Those things have really helped my skin.

And your makeup routine consists of …?
Most days, I let my skin breathe, so I don’t wear a ton of foundation—just a bit of concealer. I love mascara. A good tip I learned: Let the coat dry before applying another swipe. It’s the best way to build.

Tip taken. What’s your earliest makeup memory? 
As a kid, I always thought about makeup from the perspective of imagination. I used to play with my mom’s makeup bag and put her eye shadows on my cheeks. It was more about creating characters than looking like a pretty lady.

Beauty-wise, what can’t you live without?
Vitamix. I’m a big juice girl, and that blender is powerful—it’s fascinating to watch it work.

Do you have a go-to mix? 
Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green smoothie: romaine, spinach, lemon, celery, banana, pear, and apple. But I like to play with different flavors, so I’ll substitute the apple with pineapple or the kale with cucumber.

Green juice … no dairy … that explains how you were able to rock a cropped top at six months pregnant. How does your style differ from your character Olivia Pope’s?
Olivia is profoundly stylish but conservative. I’m much more trendy. You’d never see Olivia with a red lip; you’d never see me in a pantsuit!