E!: Tony Goldwyn’s Amazing TV Past (That HAIR!)

Tony Goldwyn, Designing Women, Scandal, Tales From The Crypt


From president to polygamist and everything in between, Tony Goldwyn has had one heck of a career. And one heck of a head of hair.

Best known of course as Scandal‘s President Fitzgerald Grant, Goldwyn can be seen tonight as Warren Jeffs in Lifetime’sOutlaw Prophet, a TV movie based on the polygamist leader. And now that he’s getting all nefarious on us, we feel it’s a good time to take a trip back through time and look at Goldwyn’s past TV work. He’s been on everything from Designing Women to Dexter. And while we’re just looking at old TV work, we’d be remiss not to mention he was the voice ofTarzan in Disney’s 1990s flick and you hated him in Ghost opposite Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

Let’s take a look at Goldwyn’s TV past. And yes, it’s the past. We know it looks like he hasn’t really aged more than three years since the 1980s.

Clearly, he has calmed down his hair. But we can’t help but imagine Olivia Pople running her fingers through it in every single one of these videos. Just us? Didn’t think so.


St. Elsewhere (1987)
The hospital drama was Goldwyn’s first credited TV gig, a year after he made his film debut in Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI.

Matlock (1987)
Goldwyn continued heating up the small screen in the late 1980s with a gig on Matlock in which one of TV’s top detectives investigated the murder of a nasty doctor.

Designing Women (1987)
Another in Goldwyn’s 1987 TV appearances, Designing Women saw the Scandal star play Kendall Dobbs, a young interior designer dying from AIDs. He asks the Sugarbakerwomen to design his funeral in the famous episode. Please note the late 1980s hair.

L.A. Law (1988)
In Goldwyn’s episode, Ann fights for an unborn child’s life and the case clashes with her feelings.

Hunter (1988)
Goldwyn appeared in this season four episode about a millionaire who thinks his heirs are out to get him.

Tales From the Crypt (1991)
Watch out, Beau Bridges is gonna get ya! Goldwyn starred opposite The Millers star in this episode about two doctor brothers. The hair. It’s so great.

Frasier (2001)
Meet Roger, Roz’s new boyfriend who just so happens to be a waste collector aka a garbage man. The hair is gone!

The L Word (2005)
On The L Word, Goldwyn appeared as Burr Connor, a closeted actor, in two episodes.

Dexter (2006)
Goldwyn directed this episode he guest starred in as Dr. Emmett Meridian.

Law & Order: CI (2007-2008)
Goldywn played Frank Goren, the half-brother to Vincent D’Onofrio‘s lead character Detective Robert Goren. He appeared in a handful of episodes before being murdered.

The Good Wife (2009)
Goldwyn sat behind the bench in “Lifeguard,” a first season episode of the hit CBS drama, as a crooked judge with whom Alicia clashes. Lesson: Don’t mess with Alicia.

Drop Dead Diva (2011)
Goldwyn popped up as Jane’s old (corrupt) boss at the DA office when she returns to help with a case.