CBS’ ‘The Talk’ Asks Scott Foley which Kerry is a better kisser (Russell or Washington?)

The Talk: Scott Foley The Country House Review & Scandal Spoilers

The Talk: Scott Foley

Scott Foley has been heating up TV screens for years, from Felicity to Scandal. This summer, he is taking the stage for The Country House, and he visited The Talk to promote his new play.

Foley weighed in on a story about plastic surgery, saying that people should pursue whatever things make them happy. Guest co-host Carnie Wilson took an opportunity to hit on Scott Foley while reminding everyone that his attractiveness was recently feted in People.

“I cover my bald spot more often than I used to,” Scott Foley said humbly, adding that different things are attractive to different people.

The Talk: Scott Foley Scandal Spoilers

Aisha Tyler got spoilery with Scott Foley, revealing that his Scandal character Jake ran off with Olivia in the show’s third season finale. Does he know what might happen next? He said that the show is on summer break, so he doesn’t know what will happen.

“I think they should fly off to some island where no one can get ahold of them,” Foley said of his character and the hard-charging Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington. A new season of Scandal will return to ABC in fall 2014.

The Talk: Scott Foley Scream 3

Before Scandal, Foley made his film debut in Scream 3, and he had to learn how to keep a secret. He told the ladies of The Talk that he got a surprise because he did not know an important plot point. For weeks of filming, he did not know that he was portraying the killer. But everyone agreed that the film turned out well.

The Talk: Keri Russell Vs Kerry Washington

Since Scott Foley has appeared in Felicity and Scandal, Julie Chen asked him who is the better kisser: Keri Russell or Kerry Washington?

“I enjoyed working with Keri Russell immensely back in the day. We’ve sort of lost contact, but I watch her on The Americans,” Foley said. Before he could say anything about Kerry Washington, he started blushing.

Finally, he admitted that his answer was Kerry Washington. (But we all know that Ben was better for Felicity than Noel, right?!?)

The Talk: Scott Foley The Country House Review

Scott Foley is starring in the play The Country House, which opens June 3 in Los Angeles. Why did he decide to take this on? Foley said that he wanted to do this during his vacation, but his wife is less thrilled, because it cuts into their vacation time.

The play was written by Daniel Margulies, and it is being directed by Tony winner Daniel Sullivan. Blythe Danner, Sarah Swallow, and many more star in what might be described as a riff on Chekhov.

There’s even a scene that caused Danner to ask Foley about his choice of underwear. You can see Foley and friends in The Country House at The Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles.

The Talk: Scott Foley Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife

The play is about a family of actors, and Foley recently directed a lot of his family members in the upcoming film Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife. “Don’t ever direct your family,” Foley joked. He also wrote the screenplay. The family is proud of it, but Foley predicted that they may never work together again.

Foley said he does not want to work with his wife again, and Carnie Wilson agreed that it can be hard working with your spouse. Meanwhile, his four-year-old daughter recently completed a run in The Sound of Music at a community theater.