Scandal Fan Q&A with … @dmhluv!

Name, age, location: Shani, 25, Minneapolis, MN
Twitter handle: @dmhluv
Gladiator since: Middle of season 2
Favorite Scandal episode: I have more than 10 so how about top 3: 106, 208, 301 & 308 are a tie
Favorite Scandal character: Olivia Carolyn Pope. She’s our gladiator!…until she ran way with Jake
Favorite recurring Scandal character: Alissa & Hollis!
Favorite Scandal outfit: Liv’s dress from ep 207/208 (the bday gala one) & that lululemon running jacket
Favorite Scandal set: Bunker, Oval Office, Jackie-O room, & that gorgeous room from We Do Not Touch the First Ladies
Favorite Prop: Fitz Desk’ (tee hee), OPA wall-any episode, Huck’s watch collection, Liv’s list of eligible men, that little Lincoln Cyrus destroyed the Cytron card with lol & lots more
Favorite Scandal quote: “Hi”, the entire rose garden scene, “This house is yours. Ours”
I became a gladiator when: I caught on to Scandal in the middle of season 2 & fell in love right away. But I only joined twitter like 6 months ago!
Favorite part of the fandom: The love we all have for Scandal cast & crew. And ya’ll are such nice people…most of the time 😉
Where do you watch & with who?: Most of the time by myself, otherwise with my sister
If you were a color you would be: Purple
If you were a food you would be: A cupcake
If you were an animal you would be: A bird. Probably a swan (is it weird that I’ve thought about this before?)
Favorite quote (non-Scandal):  Right now it’s “She turned her can’ts into cans, and her dreams into plans”
Favorite snack: Popcorn w/chocolate chips
Favorite candy: I used to be a candy freak, now I rarely eat it. I am addicted to chocolate though (chocolate is not candy)
Favorite book: The Secret Life of Bees. Sadly I haven’t finished a new book in such a long time
Favorite movie: Too many! Just some off the top of my head: Romeo Must Die, P.S. I Love You, Disney movies…
Favorite thing to do on a free Saturday: baking & quality time with my little girls
What do you never leave at home?: My phone
What is your biggest vice?: Umm chocolate addiction?
What is the best advice you’ve ever received?: Believe in yourself even (and especially) when others don’t
Describe your personality in three words: Caring, quirky, loyal
Do you have any Scandal hiatus TV show recommendations?: Orphan Black, Game of Thrones. For laughs: New Girl, Mindy Project. Something new: Rosemary’s Baby (mini series), The Divide (obvi)