#Scandal Fan Q&A with …. @TreciaTX!

Name, location: Trecia – in a suburb of Houston, TX

Twitter Handle: @Treciatx
Gladiator since: November 2012
Favorite Scandal Episode: (I can’t choose!): 106, 208, 211, 220
Favorite Scandal Character: Olivia Pope (She is the reason we gladiate or whatever!)
Favorite Scandal Recurring Role: Hollis “Freakin” Doyle!
Favorite Scandal Outfit: Olivia’s Black and White Escada Dress (Hot!)

Favorite Scandal Set: OPA ( Love the windows, elevator, everything about it!
Favorite Scandal Prop: Fitz Phone ( For Reasons)
Favorite Scandal Quote: “Shut It Down!”
I became a gladiator when: When Olivia said: “But I’ve never left your side” (I knew for that moment … (sigh)
Favorite part of the fandom: Def getting to know other gladiators; whom some I say are now dear friends 🙂
Where do you watch & with whom: Always at home … with my husband and/or another gladiator only (they know the rules)
If you were a color you would be: Black, but I am starting to appreciate Blue
If you were a food you would be: Pasta
If you were a animal you would be: Elephant
Favorite Quote (non-scandal) When love is great there are no need for words, for even in silence love is heard – unknown

Favorite Snack: Addicted to Blue Diamond Lime & Chili Almonds (goes great w/wine)
Favorite Candy: Reese’s Pieces
Favorite Book: My Fake Wedding by Mira Ford (I laughed till I cried, I love British humor)
Favorite Movie:  Legend of Billie Jean (Fair is Fair!, I love Pat Benetar) or anything John Hughes
Favorite thing to do with a free Saturday Read with a glass of red wine (anything with red wine if I must really think about it)
What do you never leave at home: IPAD
What is your biggest vice: Technology (I’m a techie)
What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Never let the left hand know what the right hand is doing (As a women, you should always be mindful)
Describe your personality in three words: Loyal, Considerate, Independent
Do you have any Scandal Hiatus TV show recommendations? Orphan Black, Call the Midwife, Turn, Sleep Hollow, Mad Men, Burn Notice, La Femme Nikita (USA series on video only)
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