10 Scandal Fun Facts, While You’re in #ScandalRehab via Wizeo

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"Scandal" hiatus woes.

Millions of “Scandal” fans around the world are feeling strangely empty on Thursday nights, now that their fave political drama is on hiatus. Don’t be sad, Gladiators! Stay a superfan and read up on Scandal fun facts while you wait for Season 4 to start.

1. “Scandal” is the first primetime TV drama written by a black woman that also stars a black woman in a leading role. #winning

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2.  George Newbern, who plays Charlie, is also the voice of Superman. Check it.

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3. Bellamy Young’s audition script for the role of Mellie had only 2 lines in it. No pressure.

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4. “It’s a shame, really, a waste of such a young, great talent. Oh, to be young, gifted and black.” Yep, that’s a Lorraine Hansberry reference in Season 3 #ScandalFinale.


5. An adorable clip of Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn swapping Liv and Fitz’ lines in a pivotal scene exists. Watch this!

fitz and olivia

6. Khandi Alexander, a.k.a. Maya Pope, was offered her role without an audition.

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7. “Let’s just say that I drop a bomb in their relationship.” – Juicy Season 4 hint from George Newbern on Charlie’s relationship with Quinn.  (#Charliequinn?)

Image from http://tvatemywardrobe.com/2013/11/08/scandal-3-06-costume-review-icarus/.

8. Judy Smith, the inspiration for Olivia Pope’s character, is a renowned corporate fixer and a co-executive producer of the show.

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9.  There’s Hollywood royalty on this show.  Tony Goldwyn is of the “Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer” Goldwyns. And veep Sally is played by Kate Burton, Richard Burton’s daughter.


10. The Season  3 finale of “Scandal” was watched by the show’s biggest audience ever: 10.6 million viewers.

Image from http://nypost.com/2013/10/03/the-best-olivia-pope-quotes-from-scandal-so-far/.

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