OTRC: The 9 stages of trying to get Beyonce and Jay Z concert tickets, as told in ‘Scandal’ photos

1. Preparation.
It’s 7:58 a.m. Pre-sale tickets for Beyonce and Jay Z’s “On the Run” tour go on sale at 8 a.m. You got your coffee, your computer up and running and your pre-sale code ready to go. You got this. (Credit: ABC / Carol Kaelson)

2a. Acceptance.
You knew this wasn’t going to be easy if you went at it alone, but you’re ok with that and ready to refresh all of your tabs until your computer can’t take it anymore. (Credit: ABC/Eric McCandless)

2b. Rounding up the troops.
If you’re not alone, you and your friends have this covered on all sides, all of you using several browsers and even more tabs within those browsers, constantly refreshing in hopes one of you hits the jackpot. (Credit: ABC/Danny Feld)

3. Slight panic.
It’s been eight minutes, you forgot how many times you have refreshed the page six minutes ago and if you see that “High demand! No matches” message again, you might chuck your computer out of the window. (Credit: ABC/Danny Feld)

4. Desperation.
You whip out your smart phone and hope maybe, somehow the mobile ticket site will magically have a secret set of its own tickets that people don’t know about — but it’s no use. (Credit: ABC/Richard Cartwright)

5. Perseverance.
It’s been 10 minutes. Like Rowan Pope, you’re not playing games anymore. Come hell or high water you will get a ticket to the show even if it means setting up your wife … oh wait no, that was just Rowan. But you’re pretty determined to get your hand on a ticket. (Credit: ABC/Kelsey McNeal)

6. Despair. 
It’s been 20 minutes and all you’ve seen is “High demand! No matches…” You’re ready to throw in the towel and try your best on Friday for the regular sale date tickets and hope you don’t get the nosebleed section. (Credit: ABC/Ron Tom)

7. Bargaining. 
If only you had another computer or an extra person to help with your constant refreshes or maybe even stayed in touch with that one guy/girl you went to college with who now works at Live Nation or some other ticket venue. Being Facebook friends with them counts, right? Right? Yeah … no. If only you could get that one ticket! You decide you’re gonna give it one. last. shot. (Credit: ABC/Richard Cartwright)

8. Suspense. 
A seat opened up and you’ve got one minute to get it. You don’t believe it’s real at first, but it is! “Quick! Hurry and pay for it before something terrible happens like your Internet connection cutting out or the site crashing,” you think to yourself. (Credit: ABC/RICHARD CARTWRIGHT)

9. Success! 
Yaaaaaaas! The charge to your card went through!!!! You have your tickets! You can’t believe it happened. It’s so unbelievable you start to laugh hysterically because of the rollercoaster ride of emotions you went on to score a ticket and then it was just so easy to purchase. You got it! [And if not, there’s always Friday.]