Scandal’s Katie Lowes on Huckleberry Quinn and Dressing for Your “Booty”

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“I think Quinn has always had a conscience, but after Huck told her she couldn’t be a gladiator, she was hired by B613,” Lowes tells VF Hollywood. “However, Thursday, her love for Olivia moved her and caused her to run in after Maya. The difference is now is that Quinn is making a point of taking care of herself and looking out for her own best interest.”
So what exactly is that for Quinn?“I think she needs to figure that out,” says Lowes. “She needed a place of belonging, a home base, and she has found that in Charlie now, but whether she is staying there is unclear for now.”As for the Huckleberry Quinn “will they or won’t they,” Lowes was just as surprised as the audience when the duo finally kissed after the torturous teeth pulling and licking.“G [Guillermo Diaz] and I never in a million years thought they were going to hook up, but when we got to the table read, it was like OMG, lift your jaw off the floor,” she says. “I think she loves him so much, but I also thinks she hates him so much. It’s a twisted, awesome, butterfly in your stomach, can’t get enough relationship.”

Still, Lowes is not denying that the twosome is, to put it lightly, definitely messed up.

“They are much more physical, much more violent, I mean they drag information out of people for a living,” she says. “Their level of pain and pleasure is different than normal people.” But that’s not to say they aren’t right for each other. “Listen, if you were to put their profiles both on, they would have a lot in common—both had their families ripped away, had identity changes, and worked for B613 and Olivia Pope. It would be a good first date.”

The sudden push into the Scandal spotlight has certainly upped Lowes fashion quotient.

“It’s funny, when I first got Scandal, I hadn’t done any red carpets. I was this bohemian girl who wore John Lennon sunglasses, boyfriend blazers, crappy T-shirts, and ripped jeans. Now I’m sort of learning with my stylist Laura Spinella about what is going to look good on me. I’m not a size zero, I have a figure, I have a booty, so I’ve had to learn how to fall in love with clothing for me. I used to be a baby fashion person, and now I feel like I’ve learned a real skill set, so I guess I’m a college fashion person now.”

Luckily, Lowes, who counts Kerry Washington and Kate Winslet as style inspirations, has used some of her newfound fashion prowess to show Quinn’s personality, as well.

“I love that we are seeing Quinn in stuff that I actually wear, you know the flannel, boots, ripped jeans, and leather jackets. It’s more natural for her than her gladiator suits, and I think it suits her as she is becoming this tougher chick.”

The next two weeks will be unexpected for Huckleberry Quinn and the rest of the cast says Lowes: “As a barometer, anything you expect is going to happen is not what’s going to happen. There will be massive re-election plot lines, and like most things in Shondaland, the train is going to go off the tracks.”