‘Scandal’ Star George Newbern Reveals What’s Next for B-613

George Newbern in ‘Scandal’

Olivia felt she was doing the right thing in trying to cut off B-613’s funding, but it seems like maybe the world actually needs B-613?

To me, that’s what happens in our government. There are programs that exist — they kind of have to — and they don’t necessarily work within the confines of what we consider palatable. But they have to exist. Maybe B-613 is curtailed, or it goes on in another form. I’m not sure how the writers will deal with it, but clearly, it’s going in a different direction.

And really, what can Charlie do besides work for B-613?
He’s really good at making doughnuts. [Laughs.] I mean, he’s a gun for hire. He worked for the CIA at one point, he works for B-613, he’s hired out by Cyrus. He’s an opportunist, but I think his heart is in B-613. But who knows where that goes? Every time I think that the writers have painted themselves into a corner, they come right out swinging and it all makes sense.

Charlie and Quinn have a very interesting relationship. What’s ahead for the couple?
Clearly, Huck is emerging as a competitor for her attention. He’s trying to save Quinn, and they’ve had this long-simmering sexual tension between the two of them. From Charlie’s standpoint, Quinn has been the first relationship he’s ever had. Quinn has had a boyfriend, who died. I don’t think Charlie has had a real relationship in his life, so he doesn’t know how to deal with it! He’s jealous [of Huck], but he doesn’t know how to modulate it. They’re all pretty immature. They’re damaged people who want to find love and a place where they belong, but there are also a lot of guns and knives. Their lives are pretty violent. That’s why I love that scene where Quinn and I are trying to get information from this guy and we’re covered in blood and I’m interrogating her about Huck.

George Newbern and Katie Lowes in ‘Scandal’

Over the last few seasons, we’ve seen Charlie as this stone-cold assassin, but now he’s showing a more vulnerable side.
I think he wants to connect with somebody, just as much as the world’s worst criminal. They still have feelings. Charlie definitely has feelings for her. Do they end up together? I don’t know.

As we saw with James, any character can die at any moment. Is that something the cast members talk about?
Everybody talks about it. I especially feel like I’m always in the crosshairs, because of the work that I do. Every week, I’m sweating! But that’s the character. It’s not for the faint of heart.

So, this week, will we see Charlie and B-613 tracking down that bomb?
We’re going to try to stop the bomb from blowing up. But the problem is we don’t know where they are!

There are only two episodes left, and every season of “Scandal” has ended on a huge cliffhanger. What can we expect in the finale?
I’ll say this much: Everything gets pointed in a new direction, and you’re left scratching your head, “How the heck did they come up with that?” Everything really gets turned on its head. It’s bananas. Bananas!

All the “Scandal” cast members are friendly and close. What kind of antics do you guys get up to on set?
Josh Malina is the worst prankster ever. He steals people’s phones and starts tweeting on their Twitter handle incredibly inappropriate things. And then you have to go on and disavow everything you just said. He grabbed my phone the other day and wrote, “I’m horny.” And was like, “What the …!” And Scott Foley and me are the worst about laughing during takes. If I start laughing, I can’t recover. And he’s way worse than I am!