53 Questions You Wish You Could Ask Olivia Pope via Buzzfeed

1. How does one become a gladiator?
2. What’s your favorite brand of wine?
3. If you could have dinner with anyone — dead or alive — what kind of wine would you serve?
4. How much do you actually charge your clients?
5. How much do you pay your employees?
6. Who’s in charge of Olivia Pope & Associates’ HR?
7. Do gladiators get health benefits?

ABC / Via styleblazer.com

8. Who’s a better kisser: Jake or Fitz?
9. Have you ever spilled red wine on yourself? If so, what’s your secret to getting the stain out?
10. Who scares you the most?
11. Do you ever miss Edison?
12. Who’s your favorite employee?
13. How many Prada purses do you have?
14. Why isn’t there a receptionist at Olivia Pope & Associates?
15. Would you consider hiring one?

16. When do you have time to shop? What’s your favorite store?
17. Why haven’t you tried harder to find Huck’s family?
18. Would you ever set up Cyrus on a date with Frank Underwood?
19. How much is your dry-cleaning bill?
20. Do you donate your clothes to charity after you wear them, since you’ve NEVER recycled an outfit?
21. Who does your mom’s hair, And WHEN do they have time?!
22. Are you ever scared to be alone in the office with Huck?

23. Where do you get your nails done?
24. Do you identify as a feminist?
25. What’s the most hurtful thing anyone’s ever said to you?
26. Do you like other popcorn flavors, like kettle or caramel corn?
27. When have you hated Fitz the most?
28. When are you going to give up the whole fake boyfriend bit with Jake?

29. What’s the biggest secret you know about the U.S. government?
30. What’s your biggest, darkest secret?
31. What did you study at Princeton?
32. What’s the perfect major for a future gladiator?
33. Do you ever have your friends meet you at the office?
34. Do you have friends?
35. Do you ever get sick?
36. What’s the most frustrating part of your job?

37. What’s your reality TV guilty pleasure?
38. What’s the last book you read?
39. What do you honestly think about David Rosen?
40. What’s next on your Netflix queue?
41. Do you ever go on vacation?
42. Do you ever clean your apartment?
43. How can we solve world peace?
44. Who do you trust the most in your life?
45. How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

46. Do you want kids?
47. How much money do you make?
48. Would you ever join B613?
49. Would you have taken Chris Christie on as a client during Bridgegate?
50. How much money do you spend on wine every week?
51. Fuck, marry, kill: Fitz, Jake, and Edison?
52. Why do you still have dinner with your dad?
53. What’s one piece of advice you have for aspiring gladiators?