Four Outrageous (Yet Possible) Theories on Who Jake Shot

'Scandal': 4 Outrageous (Yet Possible) Theories on Who Jake Shot

Jake Ballard has a lot of explaining to do. It’s safe to say the two women he shot in “No Sun on the Horizon” are dead, and he shoots one of either David or James. Or did he?

What do you think happened? In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Scott Foley who plays Jake, made it sound like just because someone got shot doesn’t mean that he will die. So we’ll go along with that assumption. 

Check out our theories, vote for what you think is the most likely to happen and share your comments and other theories in the comments below.

Theory A: David Gets Shot and James Becomes B613
It’s difficult to think that Jake has shot one of the two most purer characters on the show. David and Jameshave their faults, but they’re not on the same level as the people around them, so to know that one of them probably gets shot is rather unfortunate.
David gets shot because he’s the assistant U.S. attorney wielding power. He has access to recordings, and who knows what else? This is a way for Jake to get rid of someone who has tried in the past, and currently is trying to, bring down the White House.
While David could get shot, the fact that James could be B613 doesn’t seem plausible. Yeah, he bugged his husband’s office and was planning to bring him down, but he talks the talk but never seems to walk the walk. He just doesn’t seem like he could be that cold-blooded.
Theory B: James Gets Shot and David Becomes B613
It’s difficult to imagine a scenario where Cyrus isn’t involved with James getting shot. There was a tearful apology between the two as admissions and truths were spoken–which is a prelude to James getting shot.
James getting shot then David being in Jake’s inner circle is something that would be crazy but could lead to interesting things. They could have a bromance, maybe Jake/Olivia and David/Abby can go on a double date (although the fake Jake/Olivia relationship seems likely over; fingers crossed).
And we think one of either David or James ends up B613 because in the last episode, we saw Jake bringing someone in but not the person’s identity. There’s already a B613 member who acts as a mole in the White House–Tom–so it seems plausible that they’ll have someone to be the killing group’s eyes and ears in another aspect of government too.
Theory C: Someone Else Gets Shot
So going on the theory that Cyrus wanted James killed, maybe instead of Jake being hired to shoot him, it was Charlie. And Jake knew and came to save the day by shooting Charlie. But that doesn’t exactly explain why he shot the two women.
Theory D: David or James Gets Shot But Neither is B613
The fact that one of them gets shot doesn’t have to directly tie with the new member of B613. That was just the thought because Jake’s voiceover with the B613 newbie came as he was approaching the two men ready to shoot.
It could very well be Quinn even after Jake said she wouldn’t be. Or it could be someone completely out of left field: Salif. Abby. Fitz and Mellie’s older son. You never know with this show!