PARADE: Why a Flight Attendant Scolded Tony Goldwyn About Scandal

The actor, 53, plays President Fitzgerald Grant on Scandal (ABC, Thursdays) and a stoic dad in the new movie Divergent.

Do fans get mad at how badly Fitz sometimes treats Kerry Washington’s Olivia on Scandal?
I had a stewardess pull me into the galley on a plane to lecture me about how Olivia is the only character Fitz can trust. I said, “Okay, let me talk to [show creator] Shonda Rhimes about that!”

What do Washingtonians think of the show?
More than one person working in the White House has told me it’s not that different from reality.

Tony Goldwyn Parade Magazine

In Divergent, you’re a member of the Abnegation, or selfless, faction of society. Is that you in real life, or would you be closer to Erudite, Dauntless, Amity, or Candor?
I’m afraid I would be Divergent. I’d never survive stuck in any one faction.

Did playing evil in Ghost typecast you as a bad guy?
Yeah. But before that, I was getting nothing but boring good guys. Villains are often more complicated and fun to play.

What did you learn from your grandfather, studio chief Sam Goldwyn?
That show business is about survival and reinvention.