Scandal 313 “No Sun on the Horizon” Recaps and Reviews

THR: ‘Scandal’s’ Scott Foley on Jake’s Deadly Turn — Plus Who Got Shot?!

@Snoodit: “Jake’s a killer for the Republic now, having shot the reporter and the woman who brought David the tape and potentially either James or David. Is it safe to say there’s a third victim and this isn’t a red herring?”

Scott Foley: “There’s definitely a gun shot isn’t there? It’s safe to say someone gets shot. I don’t know about killed but I think it’s safe to say someone gets shot. I will not say that someone gets killed. ”

TV Guide: Scandal: Who Got Shot?

“Our best guess? It’s James. Cyrus’ apology earlier totally reeked of a last chance to tell his husband he loved him. A farewell if you will. Plus: Throughout the episode, we saw Jake inducting someone into B613 and it doesn’t seem like it’s Quinn. He was using the power of fear on this person, which leads us to believe that he’s speaking to David, inducting him into the Black Ops division as their own mole in the U.S. District Attorney’s office. Though it may seem shocking to think Scandal would kill off an Emmy winner in Bucatinsky, it’s not above Shonda Rhimes to really gut-punch the audience. Or, here’s another theory: neither of them are really dead, only seriously injured, and this is one big red herring. What do you think?” –  @NatalieAbrams

EW: ‘Scandal’ recap: ‘Stand in the Sun’

“Wow, what an ending, especially after Jake had one of his sweetest and sassiest episodes yet. Was a new Rowan born tonight? Or is this a whole new breed of Command, seeing as Rowan never did his own dirty work? And where was the payoff from last week’s reveal of Adnan and Olivia’s mom palling around D.C.? Hell, where was Harrison? Another wild ride, and another explosive ending. What did you think, Gladiators? Who did Jake take out with that bullet?” – @ktatkinson.

TV Line: Scandal Recap: The Not-So-Great Debate

“All told, a much stronger, more cohesive episode than last week. (If I’m ever in doubt, the ease, or lack of, in writing the recap confirms my instinct.) The debate seemed a little low-wattage compared to the spectacle we see transpire on TV every four years (like only Liv and Cy would be in the wings?), but I enjoyed Sally’s change of intent, that “flip of a switch.” I also felt some better character work was done on Jake this week (aside from, you know, all the killing). His wine-and-fries scene/monologue with Liv didn’t ring false and the “mouse on a wheel” retort to Cyrus did the character some favors — while on the other side of the triangle, it was great to have Olivia school Fitz on what it invariably takes to get the leader of the free world elected. (Bonus points that she initiated the kiss.)… Yet again, not sure what we’re doing here in the long-term with Quinn, who basically abetted in those two shootings. But hey, she got in jokes about fake-selling paper!…? Lastly, fun fact: The logline for this episode included, “[T]he Gladiators work with a powerful CEO accused of murder,” and there were even episodic photos with a guest star. Cut for time?” – @MattMitovich

TV Fanatic: Scandal Review: Murderer’s Row

“So who got shot? Was it James who was listed as Publius in the Daniel Douglas file? Or is it David Rosen, the DA who you can’t exactly murder three people in front of and expect him to be okay with it? Also, who is Jake speaking to? The person who he didn’t kill?” – @tsMeLCR

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