‘Scandal’s’ Joe Morton reveals the real Rowan Pope

Scandal 310 "A Door Marked Exit" Official Pics

He’s arguably the scariest character on “Scandal.” But Joe Morton, who plays Olivia Pope’s father on the hit drama, says that is all about to change.

I think you’re going to find out in the rest of season 3 that the scariness kind of  gets spread around to different people,” said the amiable Morton.

ABC’s “Scandal,” starring Kerry Washington, returns for the second half of season 3 on Thursday.

Morton, who plays the menacing Rowan Pope, sat down to discuss his character and Rowan’s relationship with President Fitzgerald “Fitz” Grant.

“I think Rowan is special to this particular series because he will say things that other characters can’t,” said Morton. A point proven before the mid-season break, where Fitz confronts an imprisoned Rowan.

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