‘Scandal’: 4 Questions We Want Answered This Week from Access Hollywood

Here are AccessHollywood.com’s top 4 questions we hope are answered when “Scandal” returns on Thursday!

Mama Pope… WHAT? When we last saw Mama Pope, Liv and crew had realized she wasn’t exactly the lily-white victim she pretended to be (ya know, she casually murdered her flight crew tasked with whisking her away from what we thought was Daddy Pope’s evil clenches). Now, she showed up at the White House. Again, WHAT?! What are her intentions? Is she a terrorist? Is Fitz on her target list? Will she try to harm our beloved Olivia?

The Fate Of Stabby Sally: VP Sally Langston is in a world of hurt. After stabbing her closeted husband to death, she called on Cyrus to clean up the mess. The pair successfully pulled off a cover-up, but how long can they hide the truth? Mellie has already figured out what really happened, as has Sally’s would-be campaign manager Leo Bergen. And, from the looks of it, Sally is barely hanging on to what little of the sanity she has left.

Where’s Rowan? When we last saw Eli/Rowan Pope, he was heading back to office, only to find Jake at his desk. Olivia’s one-time beau has claimed the title of B-613 Command. How long will this last? Does Rowan have enough friends in high places to reassert power? Is this the kiss of death for Jake?

Whose Side Is Quinn Really On? For a while, it seemed like Quinn was just playing Charlie, but her true loyalty was with Huck and Olivia. However, after she went through hell to get back to Huck and prove herself and he turned her away (after torturing her, no less), it seems as if she may have stripped off her Gladiator suit for good.

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