Quotes from Lyn Paolo on #Scandal Fashion from Vanity Fair article

“Do we really want an uber self-conscious leader in office? …. America is quite a large country, and I think it is very difficult to be fashion forward in D.C. You would get a lot of flack for spending money on costumes. Remember Sarah Palin when she tried to change her look?”

“England is a much smaller country … The fashion that’s hitting the stores in London is seen all over the country, plus the country as a whole is much more conscious of style.”

“In her own way, [Olivia] has this Sheryl Sandberg-Lean In element, so the lighter tones she wears are supposed to be symbolic of being amazingly powerful, but also exude femininity. She is going to stand out in this world.”

“What people don’t realize is that Mellie and Olivia are the same woman—they’re two sides of a coin—but Mellie is confined in a way that Olivia is not … It’s a red, white, and blue world for her, just like it is in D.C.”

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