ICYMI: #Scandal scoop from TV Guide and TVLine


Please share some Scandal news. — Aidy

Sally Langston is far from being out of the picture after killing off her husband. In fact, she’ll redouble her efforts to maintain a sense of power in the White House by working closely with Leo to plan her next career steps. In related news, the midseason premiere is called “Ride Sally Ride.”

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Question: Any new intel on Fitz and Mellie’s two oldest children on Scandal? —Dan R.

Ausiello: Jerry and Karen (as played by Dylan Minnette and Madeline Carroll) will buck the episodic drama’s annoying teen trend and be “complicated, substantial and interesting people” in their own right, according to their onscreen dad Tony Goldwyn, who adds that their arrival from boarding school “really escalates” things for the Grant household.

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