Filming Schedule for 312-315

I’ve seen some people reporting numbers the added days being taken to film Scandal “rewrites” so I thought we would look into it to see for myself! Generally, it takes approx. 8-10 days to film an episode of Scandal. Obviously a scene could potentially be filmed for an episode, cut and moved to a later episode; or a scene could require a reshoot. Either scenario would mean a certain scene could be filmed out of order. Also, the crew has said numerous times that they often do a double-up days on the last/first days of filming each new episode (where they film the last scene(s) from one ep, and the first scenes from the next ep are filmed the same day). Based on a lot (and I mean A LOT) of tweets that I went through, the best I can tell this has been the filming schedule since the cast returned from hiatus:

Filming Schedule 312-315

Like I said, this is a best estimate. But this is based on cast/crew tweets that have said “first day of filming is ___” or “BTS for 31X filming” etc. From this, it looks like the crew has been right on schedule with the 8-10 days for each episode! I don’t know where the other fans got their information, but like I said this is all directly from the cast and crew’s Twitter.

While going through these tweets I realized just HOW busy things are on set! There are location scouts, tech scouts, set-prep, shooting the episode stills, shooting the episode, table reads, etc. all going on for up to 3 episodes at a time! And I’m sure there is even more prep that we don’t hear about on tweets. All I can say is I am so impressed with the amount of scheduling and planning that goes into creating a TV show, and I’m so grateful that we have a cast and crew that keeps us so well informed during hiatus!